Black Cheddar

Black cheddar (2)

The night, dark corners, Izzy’s soul and… charcoal cheddar?

Origin: Good ole motherland

We paid: £2.12 per 100g

Black cheddar (2)

The spookiest holiday of them all is upon us…Christmas!!! (Joking). In celebration, we made like Meg & Mog and flew our broomsticks to Chapel Allerton near Leeds to find some weird cheese. Please welcome to the stage English Cheddar mixed with charcoal (yes, actual charcoal). ‘Why?’ we hear you cry! Sorry fans, we have no idea.

Black cheddar 2

Freaky flavour: If Izzy was the North, and Ellen was the South Pacific then like Moses this cheese has parted the sea of opinion. It does taste like cheddar but you can definitely taste a little je ne sais quoi which Izzy has BIG issues with. She proclaimed many a time that it tastes like something she shouldn’t be eating. ‘Ooh no, I don’t like this. The more I eat the more I feel sick.’ (Sherlock, 2015). Strong words from Izzy Watson, who during the write-up of this post requested to be referred to as Sherlock…Elementary, my dear Watson.

Ellen is a big fan of this cheeky number. The quirky addition reminds her of slightly overdone roasted vegetables (which Sherlock refutes) and crispy roasted potatoes. It’s a lovely blend of sharp and creamy and is more pleasant to eat on its own than your traditional cheddy.

Trick or Texture: Sherlock’s cynicism strikes again: ‘The texture is actually my least favourite bit of it’. She compares it to fine sand on her teeth, which is a non-point for Ellen as it feels quite nice on your tongue and she doesn’t understand why you would chew this cheese. It is far creamier, softer and melt-in-the-mouthier than a normal cheddar, and is malleable as opposed to crumbly. It has the consistency of play-dough which left us with no choice but to get our art attack on. Unfortunately we lost the image, but Ellen actually managed to make a Halloween snowman.

Black cheddar

Spooky Strength: The fact that we were eating charcoal far overshadowed the strength of this cheese. That is not to say it’s a mild cheese, it’s still pungent, but as a cheddar it’s very middle of the road in terms of its strength.

Overall Scoooooooohhhre: Izzy- 1/10 Ellen- 6.5

Dying thoughts:

Izzy– ‘It’s gross, don’t mess with the chedmeister. It’s already great.’

Ellen– ‘This cheese is cool. It’s novelty, but I think it works! It’s not just like Brighton rock that you buy because it has the name of the town written on it, it tastes good too.’

See you soon Cheesos! x

 incredibly cheesy

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