Brillat Savarin


Ile-de-France region of la belle France

We Paid:
£2.90/100g from a gorgeous little cheese shop called La Cave à Fromage in Hove. Click here to visit.

What is it?
A cheese that’s soft and ridiculously creamy, and hits the bulls-eye flavour wise, (maybe a little too hard).

brillat savarin how to choose which buy for cheese board creamy
Cheese board worthy? Yup, it made it!

Une petite french histoire:brillat savarin how to choose which buy for cheese board

Allow us to introduce Brillat Savarin…the man, the myth, the legend, gastronome extraordinaire, short on hair (there’s not a lot there), cheese-munching, woman loving (probably) JEAN-ANTHELME BRILLAT SAVARIN. Often touted as the first foodie, Savarin achieved what us mere mortals can only dream of. The honour of having a mouldy block of milk bear his name.

Smell: Brillat Savarin is not a stinky winky cheese, he got some fresh brie vibez with a hint of chedz. It’s not overly powerful, milky with a sour edge. Think punk Barbie smothered in brie.

Taste: The texture of Brillat Savarin was so full of melty goodness that it made it quite hard to concentrate on the taste. It is a mixture of strong Camembert and strong brie with a slightly sour twang of goat’s cheese. There’s a woody kick, (although it’s more of a tap), perhaps due to its maturity. Its only downfall was its extreme acidity which particularly manifested itself in the aftertaste, where it caught the back of your throat.

brillat savarin cheese how to choose which buy for cheese board

Strength: Pretty strong, a good 8. The strength of Brillat Savarin isn’t a million miles away from a blue, although the flavour is completely different.

Texture: So oozywoozy that the first piece slipped off the knife and is being enjoyed by Izzy’s disabled cat. When we managed to get it to our mouths, OH MY GOD, it was like eating silk, the smoothest, creamiest, meltiest cheese. The middle was creamy, but the edge was almost runny; like an inside out chocolate fondant, sans chocolat, oo la la.

brillat savarin how to choose which buy for cheese board Overall score: Izzy-9 Ellen-7.5. Lets agree on an overall 8.

Final comments: The texture was to die for, the taste was pretty on point too. The acidic kick holds it back from its full potential. We definitely recommend adding honey, or something sweet.


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